Sunday, August 14

The fire claims a second fatality in the Losacio fire, in Zamora

The fire that devastates several municipalities in Zamora has claimed a second fatality, according to the operations room of the 112 Castilla y León Emergency Center, which this morning received a call informing of the location of a deceased person in the place called “Raya de los Pozones”, about four kilometers west of Escober de Tábara, in the municipality of Ferreruela (Zamora), in an area burned by the level 2 forest fire declared in Losacio.

The 1-1-2 gave notice of this incident to the Civil Guard (COS) of Zamora and the emergency coordination center (CCU) of Emergencies Sanitarias – Sacyl, which activated Primary Care health personnel from the Tábara health center.

At the scene, the Primary Care health personnel confirmed the death of the person found in the area, who was a 69-year-old man.

On Sunday night, the death of a brigade member who was trapped by the flames in Losacio had to be mourned. The Board has decreed an official day of mourning.

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