Tuesday, September 26

The fire continues to spread in Santa Cruz del Valle, in Ávila

The flames continue their advance in Santa Cruz del Valle (Ávila). After a night of intense work, the land resources deployed to extinguish the fire have worked all night to secure the perimeter, although the flanks continue to advance.

The Navafría fire, in Segovia, originated accidentally due to the transit of a special vehicle

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At the Advanced Command Post, which was located in Higuera yesterday, the plan of operations for this Sunday is currently being organized. Nearly 400 people work on the ground and the aerial means, yesterday a total of 26, will join the work. At this time, 14 helicopters, 10 helicopter crews, a coordination plane, three amphibious planes, five cargo planes on the ground, four technicians, ten environmental agents, 15 ground crews, 15 fire trucks, two bulldozers, three BRIF and personnel from the Military Emergency Unit (UME). As announced by the Junta de Castilla y León, it is expected that more resources will be added to the operation.

On Saturday, the technical director of extinction of the device managed by the Board, Carlos Mendiguchía, pointed to intentionality as the origin of the flames that have affected this municipality since Friday and that is at level 2 of danger. This level of risk is due to the high temperatures that are being recorded, the steep terrain and the large amount of flammable material in the area that is burning.

This forest fire began after 4:00 p.m. on Friday, going to level 1 due to the affectation of more than 30 hectares. On the same day, it jumps to level 2 because it puts nearby towns at risk, although no municipality has had to be evacuated.