Friday, September 22

The fire doubles the devastated hectares in Boiro (A Coruña) in less than a day and devours 1,750

The Ministry of Rural Affairs has reported that the area burned in the fire declared on Thursday in the parish of Cures, in the Coruña town of Boiro, amounts to 1,750 hectares and the alert is maintained due to the proximity of the fire to the town of Piñeiro.

Likewise, it has also notified that the hectares burned in the fire of the parish of Xuntáns, in Ponte Caldelas -in which ‘Situation 2’ is also decreed due to the proximity of the fire to the houses in the nucleus of A Canicouva-, They already reach 300.

On the other hand, it has stabilized the fire that started last Wednesday in the Ourense town of Verín, which, according to the latest estimates, has burned some 600 hectares.

In addition to those in Boiro and Ponte Caldelas, the Caldas de Reis fire is still active, with 450 hectares burned. In addition, those of Arbo (Pontevedra) -parish of Mourentán and Barcela- and that of the parish of Pereiro, in the Ourense municipality of A Mezquita, remain under control.

The president of the Xunta, Alfonso Rueda, has gone this Saturday to the Central Fire Coordination Center, located in Santiago de Compostela, to follow the work of extinguishing the fires that are still active in Galicia that, at the moment, according to the latest data from the Consellería do Medio Rural, there are seven.

In a post on Twitter, Rueda expressed his support for the people who suffer from the fires and the professionals who fight them.

In total, the forest fires of this last week in Galicia have already burned more than 3,500 hectares.