Thursday, September 29

The fire in a shooting range in León gets out of control after six active days and exceeds the military compound

The forest fire that a lightning caused last Tuesday, six days ago, and that evolved without being able to act inside the Teleno military shooting range, owned by the Ministry of Defense in the municipality of Luyego de Somoza and the region of Maragatería , has jumped the limits this morning and activated all the alarms.

At dawn this Monday, a level 2 fire was declared by the Junta de Castilla y León (out of a maximum of 3) because last morning the fire got out of control and exceeded the military perimeter, approaching nearby towns. From this moment, the extinction of the fire becomes the responsibility of the regional command, to the detriment of the Ministry of Defense, which is competent in its firing range.

As confirmed by sources participating in the extinction operation, as well as residents of the area, the flames, which are advancing on a wide front, jumped late last night, Sunday, through the firewalls outside the military firing range prepared in the last two days, and in which both the regional and state brigades had worked preventively, even with extraordinary support from the Military Emergency Unit (UME).

The UME, which was previously working in the area at the request of the Ministry, has moved to the town of Boisan (Lucillo), which during the early hours of the morning was evaluated for evacuation but the technicians determined that it was not necessary due to the distance with the flames. Currently, official sources explain, a reconnaissance flight is being carried out to evaluate possible conflict zones, and confirm that the fire has only broken out in the Boisan area. Numerous images of the burning area could be seen from places as far away as El Páramo or La Bañeza.

Various means of extinction acted during the night: four bulldozers, two night brigades, three fire trucks, a ground crew, a technician and several environmental agents.

Specifically, as ILEÓN has been able to confirm, the residents of the town of Bosián have been given advance notice of eviction, firstly due to the intense smoke but also in case the evolution of the fire brings the flames even closer to the houses. The town of Filiel also keeps the fire very close.

shell explosions

The outrage in the towns near the shooting range has been palpable since this Sunday afternoon on social networks. The neighbors, who during the night have heard explosions of projectiles, do not want to think that they can relive the disasters that occurred in 1998 and 2005, two large forest fires that originated in the military zone and that ended up destroying thousands of hectares.

The weather forecast for this Monday in the area is hot with strong gusts of wind and forecast of storms.