Saturday, September 25

The fire in Navalacruz is still active after burning 10,000 hectares while the one in Pancorbo is under control

The fire unleashed last Saturday in the Navalacruz municipality of Avila remains active on level 2 of the Infoacal, while the one that originated this Sunday in Pancorbo (Burgos) and that forced the NI to be cut off has already passed from 2 to 0 and is under control , according to the last part issued by the Junta de Castilla y León.

The main concern continues to be centered on the fire declared in Navalacruz, with provisional affectation of more than 10,000 hectares and on which the Minister of Development and Environment, Juan Carlos Suárez-Quiñones, and the Government delegate in Castilla y León, Javier Izquierdo, displaced for this purpose to the Avila town of Tornadizos.

For its part, in Pancorbo (Burgos) the forest fire that started yesterday at 7:04 p.m. in a mountainous area and declared dangerous level 2 due to the damage to the A-1 road, which was immediately cut off to traffic, has evolved favorably and has allowed the Board to lower it to level 0 and consider it controlled at 9.22 am.

The following resources from the Junta de Castilla y León have been working in the area of ​​the fire: a technician, four environmental agents, two helicopters, three ELIF helicopter crews, a bulldozer, three fire trucks and two ground crews. An endowment of Firefighters from the Burgos Provincial Council has also collaborated in the extinction work.

The part issued by the Board also reflects that the El Raso fire, also in the province of Ávila, continues at level 1 and active, as well as that the one unleashed on Saturday in Santa Lucía (León) is controlled and at level 0 – it came to be in number 1 – after destroying some 15 hectares of more wooded areas.

Also in the news report are the fires that occurred on Saturday in Asturianos and Grana de Moreruela, in the province of Zamora, which are under control. In the first, more than 35 hectares have been affected, most of them wooded.