Thursday, December 7

The fire in Toledo that forced the eviction of more than 3,000 people from the Puy du Fou park, close to stabilizing

The fire declared on the Zurraquín farm in Toledo, in the vicinity of the Puy du Fou theme park, about ten kilometers from Toledo, poses no risk to the population, it has been contained and work is already being done to extinguish it. It has affected some 900 hectares, although they are not definitive data, as explained by the Minister for Sustainable Development José Luis Escudero at a press conference from the command post. “There is no need to regret human damage or great material damage. The theme park has been safeguarded, and I am grateful that it has made its protection unit available, which has worked perfectly.”

Around nine o’clock at night, a total of 23 media and 106 people work in the area in a fire with operational level 1, due to a slight effect on the population or non-forest areas. In this case, given the proximity of the theme park from which more than 3,000 people were evacuated as well as 255 animals, including birds and horses, early this Friday afternoon. Just three hours after it was declared, at 1:03 p.m., according to the Forest Fire Information System (FIDIAS).

In addition, the CM-4000 and the CM-40 roundabout have been closed as they are busy roads on the perimeter of Toledo that give access, among others, to Madrid and Ciudad Real. A group of almost 100 schoolchildren were evicted in urban buses to a sports center in Toledo, from where they have left for Talavera de la Reina, their town of origin.

Escudero has indicated that the media will work at night to take advantage of lower temperatures and has been optimistic that the fire can stabilize in the next few hours and proceed to declare its extinction. He has asked citizens for “collaboration” because “all precaution is little” if he goes out into the natural environment. He also recalled that farmers are recommended to use the machinery until next Sunday due to the weather situation.

In addition, spokesperson for the INFOCAM Plan and director of the María García Gallardo Fire Operations Center has indicated that the fire does not pose a “risk to any population” in statements to Radio Castilla-La Mancha, collected by Europa Press, explaining that there has been a small storm, which has cooled “a little” but has caused the aerial means to withdraw, although they have already returned to the area.

The wind and the “low humidity” have caused the flames to spread “very quickly”, although the flank linked to the towns of Argés and Guadamur, very close to the area, is “quite cold”.

The counselor thanked the collaboration of the GEACAM staff, the environmental agents, the Provincial Firefighters Consortium, the Toledo City Council and the Ministry of Ecological Transition, the State Security Forces and Corps, as well as the Puy theme park du Fou.

The mayor of Toledo, Milagros Tolón, has confessed that the high temperatures that the city is registering could make some event of this type foreseeable and she trusts that over the next few hours it will be controlled and extinguished. “We know that the temperatures are not favourable, but I am confident in our professionals”.

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