Friday, December 9

The fires in Navarra have already destroyed the equivalent of four times the area of ​​Pamplona

The first estimate from the Government of Navarra puts at “more than 10,000” the hectares of trees and crops that have burned after the fires that have devastated the community since last week. It is a number of hectares equivalent to the surface of four times the capital of Navarra, Pamplona, ​​or to the extension of Barcelona. It is, yes, a provisional figure, point out from the Executive of María Chivite, and that will be specified in the coming weeks once the work on the affected land is completed.

Ash Monday in Navarra: an unstoppable fire swept through the community from east to west

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It is about “absolutely historical dimensions”, highlighted the Vice President and Minister of the Interior of the Government of Navarre, Javier Remírez. As data, in the great fire that at the beginning of 2021 affected both the regional community and the Basque Country and France, some 1,600 hectares were burned.

Remírez has also indicated that 1,100 people from fire departments from six different communities have already participated in the extinction work, which is still going on and is expected to last for the next few days – Navarra, Euskadi, Aragón, La Rioja, Castilla and León and Castilla-La Mancha- and the Military Emergency Unit (UME).

As for the situation of the active foci, at the end of this Tuesday “the eastern front of Navarra – the area of ​​San Martín de Unx and Gallipienzo – is of concern”, where the evolution is positive, but where they will continue to focus on this place the “efforts” during the night. In the western zone the evolution is also positive and the situation is one of “stabilization but with vigilance”.