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The fires in the Lugo municipality of Ribas de Sil devastate nearly a thousand hectares

The two active fires in the Lugo municipality of Ribas de Sil, in Nogueira and in the parish with the homonym name of this municipality in the southern area of ​​Lugo, have already devastated about a thousand hectares of surface, while the means of extinction deployed by the Xunta Galicia, together with military personnel from the UME and members of the Ministry of Ecological Transition, are trying to “perimeter” it.

The smoke from the Ribas de Sil fire reaches the city of Lugo

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The Regional Minister of the Rural Environment, José González, who has been following the evolution of the extinction work in recent hours, reported that “it is working in a coordinated manner” and, despite the fact that “many media” have been deployed, the situation “is complicated” as a result of the weather, with high temperatures and a high level of humidity.

At least, explained the conselleiro around midnight, the strength of the wind has decreased, which can facilitate the work that the extinguishing media are doing to control the fire. González confirmed that “the first platoon of the Military Emergency Unit (UME) has already arrived at the scene of the fire, which, as explained by the Government Delegation in Galicia, mobilized 63 soldiers and 26 means of extinction.

In addition, members of the Civil Protection, the National Police and the Civil Guard are participating in the work to protect citizens, because although “there was danger to the houses,” he clarified, there was “no danger to people.”

A fire that started “clearly intentionally”

Regarding the origin of the fire, the councilor explained that the fire has been active for more than 24 hours, since it began around ten o’clock last Sunday night in a “clearly intentional” way, with several “outbreaks simultaneously”, and later jumped “to the other side of the river Sil with secondary sources”.

The person who did it “knew it could do a lot of damage,” clarified the head of Medio Rural, who stressed the need for the whole of society to ally itself with the authorities to “fight against those arsonists.” “Although we are very good at extinguishing and we have many means,” he clarified, “in this situation it is difficult” to put out the fire.

Regarding the burned area, for the moment the estimates are still provisional, pending that, throughout this day, from the air, thanks to the participation of a coordination helicopter, the magnitude can be determined with greater precision. of this catastrophe.

The Government Delegation in Galicia has reported that the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO) has displaced Brigades of Extinction Specialists (BRIF) with its four transport helicopters with a discharge capacity of 1,200 liters.

From the air, four Canadair amphibious aircraft with 5,500 liters capacity are also working on extinction, of which three come from the Lavacolla base (A Coruña) and the fourth from Matacán (Salamanca).

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