Wednesday, January 26

The first dividends of 2022

The first days of 2022 will bring new dividends. At least six companies have already confirmed that they will pay their shareholder payments in January 2022, while analysts expect that, in addition, six other companies will distribute their dividends in the first month of next year.

And it is that despite the uncertainty that the new variant of the omicron coronavirus is bringing, the consumer discretionary sector is expected to lead the growth of dividends in the United States, Europe and Asia next year, according to forecast data from Bloomberg .

Cars and clothing are likely to be the main drivers. By region, the Hang Seng Index’s anticipated dividend growth of 15 percent is projected to exceed the Stoxx 600’s 12 percent and 8 percent. of the S&P 500, in local currency terms.

And it is that according to Janus Henderson the payment of dividends globally next year will return to the record levels set before the pandemic.

Dividends that are approved

At the moment, according to Bloomberg, in the first month of the year, investors expect dividends from at least six companies that belong to both the IBEX 35 and the continuous market.

The earliest dividends will be those of Endesa, which on January 3 will pay shareholders a payout of 0.50 euros per share. Electricity is one of the companies that offers the highest dividend yield within the IBEX 35. Specifically, this variable stands at 6.25 percent, although the 2021 dividend is still far from the level reached in 2020.

That same day, the payment of 0.17 euros from Faes Farma is also expected. The dividend yield of the pharmaceutical company is 4.57 percent.

On the night of the kings, the 0.36 euros from Cie Automotive will be distributed. The company offers a dividend yield of 2.39 percent. In 2021 the dividend stood at 60 cents, compared to 63 cents in 2020.

The next expected dividends are more modest. That of Zardoya Otis is 0.076 euros per share, while that of Gestamp reaches 0.038 euros, which offers a dividend yield of 1.33 percent.

Dividends expected by analysts

To these payments should be added those that analysts expect to be announced in the coming days.

Specifically, it would be necessary to confirm the remuneration to the shareholder of Electric Network, which according to his calculations will pay 0.27 euros per share. The profitability of the electricity company is around 5.38 percent. The company is one of the companies that has not changed its pay out in recent years.

Finally, ACS is also expected pay 0.45 euros. The construction company offers one of the highest dividend yields on the Spanish stock market. Specifically, it reaches 8 percent, with 1.74 euros per share distributed in 2021, in line with that of 2020.

Bankinter and Renta 4 dividends will close the year

Meanwhile, Bankinter and Renta 4 will be the last companies of the year to reward shareholders. The Bankinter Board of Directors has approved in its ordinary session today to pay the bank’s shareholders on December 30th the second dividend corresponding to the recurring results for the year 2021, for a gross amount of 0.0514 euros per share ( 0.0417 euros of net amount).

The entity thus distributes to its shareholders in this payment orn Total amount in cash of € 46.26 million, which are added to the 119.78 million euros paid in October from the same year.

The dividend yield stands at 4.97 percent and means recovering the dividend after it was suspended last year. For its part, the payment to the Renta 4 shareholder will be 0.30 euros per share.