Monday, August 8

The first feminist mural in the Region of Murcia, covered with containers: “For the City Council, women are garbage”

Since last Sunday, the fifteen historical women of regional, national and international feminism represented on the feminist wall of the Murcian municipality of Archena have been covered by seven waste bins and a row of cars. The artist who devised the mural, Noelia Muriana, who denounces problems with the City Council since the installation of the mural last year, threatens to cover it up if the rubbish is not removed. “This is an artistic work. They are not going to laugh at the mural, at those who participated in it, or at the memory of the women,” she stresses. “The city council of Archena has done a conceptual piece of shit: women are garbage,” ironizes the artist Noelia Muriana when contemplating her mural, the first feminist in the Region, flanked by recycling containers.

Desiré Ayala, general secretary of the PSOE in Archena and spokesperson for the feminist forum Otra Mirada, defines the fight to have the containers removed from the wall as a “battle”. The containers have always been on that sidewalk, but the promoters of the wall asked the city council to move them to the end of the street, a situation that continued until a couple of weeks after the inauguration of the work: “Before, at least, they were at the end of the street. from the street, now they are at the beginning of the wall and they have also given us one more piece of clothing. This is pitorreo”, denounces Ayala.

The secretary of the PSOE in the municipality explains that the residents have no problem changing the direction of the car park and that of the containers: “If you have the will, the containers are changed. On the opposite sidewalk there is a lot that is all fenced where they could be put”.

The artist recalls a day when high school girls joined in painting the wall. They said that they had taught the history of women in class. “For them, especially for young women, it is important to remember women. And for the girls, to see that surrounded by garbage containers, is to make them second and third class citizens again, ”she laments.

Muriana admits to being “fed up” that painting a feminist mural in this country is “problems and complications.” She assures that they were going to order another one from her in Águilas three months ago, but that they rectified it because “they don’t want any messes or vandalism. In Murcia capital they also thought of making one and it has not been done”.

“Removing them is not feasible”

From the City Council of Archena, the councilor of Pedanías and Barrios, Fulgencio García Nicolás, claims to be studying solutions for the transfer of the containers, but anticipates that it is a conflict of difficult solution. “In cases like this, the containers would have to be removed, but being such a central point it is impossible,” explains García Nicolás, who stresses that he had to move the garbage again in front of the mural two weeks after its inauguration, when the neighbors presented 150 signatures from neighbors requesting their transfer. The mayor explains that, when the news of the inauguration of the mural came out, the mayor of Archena, Patricia Fernández, asked him if the containers could be removed from the wall: “I had to explain what happened to the neighbors.”

“They -the promoters of the wall- should have done it differently. Submit the project to the City Council instead of having it painted at your own risk; not once the project is done to see what solution the consistory puts into it”, argues García Nicolás.

“The owner of the lot across the street will complain, having some containers at the door devalues ​​the site,” he predicts.

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