Monday, September 20

The first flight to Doha takes off from Kabul after the partial reopening of the airport



The special envoy of the Qatari Foreign Ministry in Kabul, Mutlaq al Qahtani, reported this Thursday that the first commercial flight has taken off from the Afghan capital to Doha, after repair work that has allowed the airport to be 90 percent ready and can gradually reopen.

Al Qahtani has specified that on board the first commercial international flight that has been able to take off after the serious imperfects suffered by the Hamid Karzai International Airport local and foreign passengers were goingreports the Al Jazeera television network.

In a press conference from the same airport, the Qatari envoy added that the airport systems are functioning normally, and that the flow of international commercial flights will gradually be restored. After confirming the departure of the flight to Qatar, the spokeswoman for the United States Department of Homeland Security, Emily Horne, reported that Washington “has facilitated the departure of US citizens and permanent residents»On this flight, operated by Qatar Airways.

Horne has confirmed that the flight has landed “safely”, to emphasize that it has been “the result of careful and tough diplomacy and commitment.”

“The Taliban have cooperated to facilitate the departure of US citizens and legal permanent residents” from the Kabul airport, the spokeswoman continued, also highlighting that they have shown “flexibility” and “professionalism” in dealing with them. “This is a positive first step,” he said in a statement.

Precisely this Thursday, sources from the Taliban and foreign technical teams that are deployed in the country to examine the state of the airport had indicated that it could be operational in three days for international flights. The Taliban had also announced that they would allow those with the necessary documents once the new government was appointed, what about 200 foreign nationals.

Horne has insisted that the United States will continue to work to evacuate US residents and Afghan collaborators who remain in the country. For its part, the British Foreign Office has confirmed that on the flight landed in Doha they were on board thirteen of its citizens, as well as others from Germany, Hungary and Canada, among other nationalities.

UK Foreign Minister Dominic Raab has also insisted that they expect “the Taliban to remain committed to allowing a safe exit for those who want to leave the country,” reports Sky News.

The work carried out by technicians mainly from Qatar and Turkey continues with the help of Afghan engineers at the airport, which suffered serious damage after the departure of US troops on August 31.

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