Saturday, September 25

The first major fire of the year in Galicia threatens homes in the Lugo municipality of Ribas de Sil and forces the N-120 to be cut

The smoke from the Ribas de Sil fires has engulfed the city of Lugo, 85 kilometers from the main outbreaks and has forced traffic on the N-120 highway to be cut off. In the last 24 hours, two fires have been declared that continue to burn. One started at night in the parish of Nogueira, has burned 140 hectares and approached several houses. The second started shortly before one in the afternoon this Monday and is progressing uncontrollably. It threatens the nucleus of houses in Rairos and has razed some 560 hectares, in a day in which temperatures have exceeded 34 degrees in the area and after several weeks without significant rains.

The Xunta has activated what it calls situation 2. This means that it fears that the evolution of the flames will seriously affect the population or non-forest assets and that it calls for the incorporation of extraordinary means. In this case, the intervention of the Military Emergency Unit (UME) has been requested. When these types of situations occur, part of the agents who are putting out the flames move to the area closest to the houses to refresh the land and try to avoid being affected.

The fire is still active and uncontrolled, according to the latest updates from the Ministry of Rural Affairs, which indicates that it also affects land in the neighboring municipality of Quiroga. Two technicians, three agents, 12 brigades, five planes and seven helicopters have been mobilized to work in the area so far. The effects of the flames have been felt on the nearby roads and have forced the N-120 to be cut as it passes through the area.

The other fire that put the neighbors on alert began on Sunday night, at 9:42 p.m. in the parish of Nogueira. The flames also approached a nucleus of houses, but in this case the Xunta did not request the activation of situation 2. This fire is still active and has already destroyed 140 hectares. Since it was declared, five technicians, 16 agents, 30 brigades, 26 motor pumps, four shovels, seven planes and six helicopters have worked in the area.

The Ministry of Rural Affairs, which does not report fires below 20 hectares of affected land, has reported that there is a third active fire in Galicia, which affects about 50 hectares of the parish of Requeixo, in the Ourense municipality of Chandrexa of Queixa. It started at around 11:30 am on Monday.

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