Sunday, December 3

The first major survey after Feijoo’s departure leaves the PP one seat away from losing the absolute majority in Galicia

The jump of Alberto Núñez Feijóo from the Galician territory to the Genoa headquarters has given the PP a boost in the polls in the estimation of the votes it would receive if there were now general elections in Spain. But the other side of the coin is in Galicia: his departure leaves Alfonso Rueda’s PP one seat away from losing the absolute majority that the party has had in the community since 2009. These are the results of the first major study carried out once the handover was completed of Feijoo.

The opposition receives Rueda as “accidental president” and begins “the countdown to change”

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The work, prepared by the Sondaxe Institute and published by the newspaper The voice of Galicia, calculates that the popular ones would obtain 39 seats in regional elections at this time. They are three less than the 42 achieved in the 2020 elections. In the opposition, the BNG would remain as the first force and the number of deputies would not change: 19. Behind it, the PSdeG would occupy one more seat until reaching 15, and We can and the old tides would return to Parliament with two seats, one for Pontevedra and the other for A Coruña.

The Sondaxe barometer leaves the far-right organization Vox out of the Galician Chamber, which would not exceed 3.5% of the votes in any province. According to the survey, the party led by Santiago Abascal would have more than 10% of the vote among people who consider themselves to be on the extreme right, but it is the PP that achieves the most support in that band and multiplies Vox’s intention to vote by seven. Ciudadanos is even further away from obtaining representation in the Galician Parliament: it only exceeds 1% in one province, Ourense.

The double process of relief, in the Xunta and in the PPdeG, which has placed Alfonso Rueda, a politician always close to Feijóo but in his shadow, as a leader in both areas, has managed to skyrocket the percentage of Galicians who say they know him . His constant media exposure during the negotiations in the party and with the acts to invest him as president of the Galician Government and proclaim him head of the popular in the community has managed to get his name fixed, but not enough to overcome the knowledge of the leader of the opposition, Ana Pontón. According to the survey, 75.9% of Galicians know who Rueda is, who until two weeks ago held the position of first vice president of the Xunta. In March, when the change in the leadership of the Spanish PP was already taking shape, only 45.9% identified it. Pontón, however, is known by 78.6%, a percentage somewhat lower than the 81.1% calculated by Sondaxe in March.

Behind is the leader of the Galician socialists. Valentín González Formoso is identified by 52.5% of Galicians. Two months ago that percentage was 58.5%.

All three get a pass. The highest score is for Rueda -a 5.71-, only 0.07 points above Pontón, who receives a 5.64. In both cases, the figure is higher than that of March, when Galicians rated them with 5.38 and 5.29, respectively. González Formoso also rises in this indicator and goes from a fail with a 4.61 to a 5.13.