Sunday, December 4

The first meeting between the medical union and the Ayuso government ends without an agreement with the hiring of doctors as the main “friction”

The first meeting between the Ministry of Health and the Amyts doctors’ union after the massive demonstration this Sunday and the toilet strike that continues in the face of the chaos in the reopening of extra-hospital emergencies has concluded this Tuesday without an agreement. “We are still at a very far point,” said the general secretary of the majority union of doctors, Ángela Hernández, after her meeting with the general director of human resources at SERMAS, Raquel Sampedro, which lasted around two hours.

The point of “greatest friction” between the Ministry and Amyts lies in the “staffing” of the 24-hour emergency centers that the regional government wants to convert into “continuity centers” to make a complete redistribution of them. Asked if the Ministry of Health would be willing to hire more toilets to provide them, Hernández has recognized that this is the most delicate point of the negotiations because the Executive headed by Isabel Díaz Ayuso insists that “there are no doctors” to hire.

“That is where we do not agree because they say that there are no doctors and we say that if they do not facilitate the conditions for there to be more doctors, there will continue to be no doctors. That is the point of endowment and friction in which we are ”, Hernández stated when leaving the Ministry.

Amyts’ spokeswoman nevertheless welcomes the change in attitude of the regional government, agreeing to sit down with the union calling the strike and recognizes that the massive demonstration on Sunday has been key for the Ministry to now want to bring positions closer. “We had been on strike for a week without being called to negotiate and now they have called us, which we appreciate,” she defended.

Thus, the strike committee has highlighted that the Ministry has put on the table “an advance” on the last proposal presented on Friday that would include three types of centers: 49 of them with complete equipment (doctor, nurse and orderly), to which that the CUE of El Molar and the Casa de Socorro de Alcalá are added, and the rest, 29, without a doctor in person.

“Proper use of resources is necessary and for that it is very important that they know if they are an extra-hospital emergency or Continuous Care Points. That they differentiate that and that they do not try to replace points without a doctor saying that they are out-of-hospital cared for by nurses and orderlies, with the insecurity that this entailed for these professionals, it seems important to us, ”said the spokesperson for the strike committee.

The strike committee will now study the Ministry’s proposal and present its counter-proposal “as soon as possible”, with an eye on a new meeting between the two parties soon, and with the “endowment of said centers” as a central issue. From Health they assure that they will pronounce on this meeting throughout the afternoon.

Despite the fact that from Amyts they assure that the positions are still “very far away”, from the Ministry of Health they defend that in the meeting on Tuesday there has been “an important advance on the initial positions”. “In relation to the resources that must be assigned to the points of care continuity with a doctor, they have been asked for a proposal that will be assessed and analyzed at the next meeting”, add sources from the Ministry who explain that they expect the next meeting to take place in few days.

Parallel to this meeting, the unions CC.OO., UGT, CSIT Unión Profesional and Satse registered a “minimum plan” with the Ministry of Health with a series of red lines to resume negotiations on extra-hospital urgency in the Community of Madrid . Said document establishes as a “red line” among other issues, the reinforcement of the workforce in all categories, face-to-face doctors for all the centers 24 hours as well as the recovery of the 35-hour working day.

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