Sunday, January 16

The first NFTs auction arrives in the Delta

Those who participate will have the possibility of experiencing the new digital artistic world, they will know new and original options to acquire and enjoy works in different virtual formats by great masters of Argentine art. For this, the pieces will be sold in the new NFTs Marketplace called Super Orange.

Throughout the meeting, NFTs pieces will be sold and auctioned that will be exhibited in mapping, holograms and augmented reality, giving a new life to digital art works that go beyond the screens.

This festival is a pioneer in promoting and disseminating this profound transformation that has just begun, allowing the public to get closer to the already known ¨Metaverso¨ through immersive and interactive experiences through the use of true, authentic and unique digital assets making use of the Blockchain technology.

XReal’s essence is to be able to insert the participant into an artistic and multisensory experience in nature, which pays tribute to great Argentine artists of international recognition, such as Julio Le Parc, Rogelio Polesello, Gyula Kosice, Eduardo Rodríguez, Perla Beneviste, Ary Brizzi, Eduardo Mac Entyre and his sons Cristian and Roger, among others. The virtual works are also in the augmented reality app Uxart. These works become holograms to be projected in the dreamed gardens of Isla El Descanso, where the visitor manages to experience an extraordinary journey.