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The first reviews about Black Widow are very positive | Digital Trends Spanish

In the weeks leading up to the premiere of Black widow, the new movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, criticism is already appearing. And according to those who have already seen the film, it is a new milestone within the franchise.

Although it is not yet the time for reviews, the first viewers are part of the press and have left their impressions on social networks. Hector Navarro of Nerdist, commented that the film “was worth the wait”, in relation to that since 2010 a solo film by Natasha Romanoff has been expected. “The action is spectacular, there is excitement, and the new characters joining the MCU stand out.”

Bradon davis from ComicBook, says this is one of the best tapes about an individual character that Marvel has made. “From start to finish, the movie is great,” he wrote on social media. He also added that there are several surprises, moments of emotion, a lot of action and finally Scarlett Johansson can express herself fully on paper.

For its part, Sean O’Connell from Cinemablend says he loved the movie, for unexpected reasons. “The heart of the film and the way a broken family is depicted hit me hard. So I really appreciate this deeper look around Natasha. “

In order to Nora dominick From Buzzfeed, this may be one of the most notable superhero origin movies. “There is something about seeing Natasha finally have her own story that is very emotional. Also, Florence Pugh was born to be in the MCU. “

A somewhat different note left Scott menzelby WeLiveEntertainment. In his opinion, the film is disappointing no matter how hard Scarlett Johansson tries to pull it off. “The script, the pacing, and the poor character development sink the film, which starts off promisingly but the second half is a complete mess.” Menzel ends by saying that it is generic, uninspired and that it does not have the magic of other Marvel films.

Beyond some less positive comments, in general the preliminary review has been more than positive with the next Black Widow. Anyway, this is not surprising when practically all the MCU tapes always receive rave reviews and, more importantly, they break the box office.

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