Monday, September 20

The first round the world according to Darío Adanti

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Five hundred years after the first round the world tour led by Magellan (at the beginning) and Sebastián ElCano (at the end) began, Darius Adanti pays tribute to those sailors in “The tattooed whale. A history of the first round the world ”. A comic in which the Argentine illustrator mixes travel chronicles, seafaring legends and whales to recreate that great feat that ended around 1522 in the port of Sanlúcar de Barrameda.

And after going around the world, we immerse ourselves in a journey towards ourselves. Introducing the best radio equipment In this new season in which we are going to leave everything on the field with a great team of first class and great star signings to continue talking about everything that matters. We incorporate sections and new faces to talk about anti-racism, feminism, action and the environment, art, books, cinema and much more.

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