Sunday, May 28

The first trailer for the ‘Halo’ series promises a faithful adaptation and leaves in the air the question of when we will see it in Spain

A Absolutely faithful recreation of the appearance of the Master Chief and the setting of the games is the great promise of this series that has the executive production of Steven Spielberg and that finally reveals its first moving images and its release date: March 24. That will be in the United States and on Paramount +, a platform that has not yet reached practically all of Europe (although there are promises).

Pablo Schreiber will be in charge of giving life to the Master Chief, accompanied by supporting characters such as Natascha McElhone, Charlie Murphy or Yerin Ha, in a series behind which are Kyle Killen (‘Lone Star’) and Steven Kane (‘The Closer’). They are not the first to deal with the Microsoft franchise: already in 2005 they tried to produce a film that Alex Garland wrote and where names like Peter Jackson, Neill Blomkamp or Guillermo del Toro were involved. The series has been in the works since 2013 and after countless bumps it seems that it will come to fruition in March.

How and when will we see it?

It is difficult to guess when and how this series will be seen in Spain. Unlike Latin America, Paramount+ does not yet exist in most of Europe (it does in the Nordic countries, where it has been available since the platform was relaunched a year ago). There are no specific dates, but the platform is expected to reach the rest of Europe in early 2022 under the name of SkyShowtime but there is no information about under what conditions or in what way, if it will have a web version or it will have to be accessed through operators.

The Paramount+ series that have arrived in Spain have done so on various platforms: ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ started on Netflix but has recently been withdrawn from the platform; ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ and ‘Picard’ are on Prime Video; ‘The Good Fight’ is divided between Prime Video and Movistar, and part of ‘Evil’ is only in the latter. Is complicated, therefore, to predict where we will see the Master Chief and Cortana become the last line of defense on earth, although it would be desirable for Paramount + to take advantage of this long-awaited production to make a definitive landing in Europe with SkyShowtime. The dates, of course, have aligned and March is a perfect month.