Thursday, October 28

The first will be the last

It’s a spectacular day. Sonia is having a horchata in the bar in front of the school while she does a long time before picking up Manuel. Hopefully this is the last horchata of the pandemic, he thinks. Imagine how next spring we will have completely overcome the lifestyle habits that sanitary restrictions plunged us into 18 months ago. Or not. Because, for now, it is a fact that these new COVID measures have not modified the instructions of the schools with the exception of an exception in the use of masks for outdoor sports activities. During recess, those over the age of six must continue to wear it. (Why are they separated by groups then?) And in class, of course. While, by the way, teachers and non-teaching staff will be able to get rid of it as long as there are no students. But let’s not talk about cruelty, it would be too presumptuous and unfair of me. Exaggerated mother. Will schools, the first spaces to be restricted by the pandemic, be the last to return to a decent normalcy?

For example, in Sonia and Manuel’s class, the fight at the beginning of the year has been trying to get them to re-implement the siesta for the first grade of infantile. For “the COVID-19 measures” they removed the mats as, in theory, possible sources of contagion. Today we know that surfaces are poorly transmitting. Even so, they are having a hard time going back to the old custom so necessary for so many creatures. Another family in her class, Carlos and Mara, were late for school this morning. She is leaving the diaper at the request of the school (to force the physiological rhythms of the creatures to adapt to the structural deficiencies of the system would give for another article) and it is the first day that she goes without a diaper to school. Along the way there has been a leak and Carlos has had to stop to change her clothes. Result: the school doors were closed upon arrival. Carlos has tried to accompany his three-year-old daughter to the classroom. I wanted to explain the situation to the tutor. “Negative”. Carlos leaves thinking that the school is more armored than a nuclear power plant. He laughs for not crying. Rosa’s fight, however, has been to get to know the school. Almost all the families that started the academic year 20-21 and 21-22 still do not know the educational spaces. They have never crossed the gate. Rosa is being a fighter. The classroom, the bathroom and the dining room. He does not ask for more. At least to be able to have that contact with what will be the educational scene of your child for the next few years. At the moment: “Denied”. Marian, for her part, has explained to the tutor that she doesn’t have good Wi-Fi at home. What if you have to do the tutorials on-line He has to do it from his mobile phone, the Jitsi drops, the image freezes, the voice cuts out and sometimes the important thing is lost. In addition, their mother tongue is not Spanish and this layer is an addition to the isolation. He has proposed the possibility of doing the tutorials in the patio, or in the dining room, with the necessary distances. “It’s not possible”.

Sonia, Carlos, Rosa, Marian. They all understand and value the difficulty and effort of having managed a school in the midst of a pandemic. The achievement of having contained the outbreaks and the reality that fear is still in the marrow of education. But it is time to move those stones that separate families from schools. Sonia thinks that tonight she could dance until she was sweaty and nauseous with her friends in any joint, but she will not be able to enter the patio to hand her a forgotten sandwich. They tell us that we are an active part of the educational community. But what community? Sonia thinks, finishing the horchata with a trace of indignation. The school siren sounds, and from this angle of the street it suddenly looks like a ship. Inside, as if the survivors of a storm were still sheltering in the cellar without knowing that the sea is returning to calm, so the schooled creatures continue without news of Gurb. Or from the Ministry. Or the Community in which Sonia and Manuel live. Call it Mordor, call it Madrid.

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