Monday, August 8

The fishermen’s brotherhoods assure that their situation is unfeasible despite the anti-crisis decree

The National Federation of Fishermen’s Guilds denounces that the situation in the sector is unfeasible with current fuel prices and considers that the measures of the anti-crisis decree approved this Saturday by the Government do not solve its problems. “They do not work,” said the president of the federation, Basilio Otero, who has called for an urgent meeting with the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, from whom they want to request direct aid for diesel.

The general assembly of the federation has approved the demands. Otero, who is the largest employer of the brotherhood of Burela (Lugo), states that fishermen cannot continue their activity with a price higher than one euro per liter of diesel, which includes the bonus of 20 cents that the Executive has extended this Saturday until the end of the year.

The viability, he maintains, is in prices below 70 cents per liter of diesel. The brotherhoods ask Planas to receive them within two weeks, before analyzing other measures. “We need immediate solutions that are direct to diesel,” insisted Basilio Otero.

The rise in fuel prices already led fishermen to a strike last March that left the fish markets empty of fresh produce. Then they denounced that they were selling at a loss because the price of diesel had gone from around 0.6 euros per liter to 1.2.