Wednesday, July 6

The fixed gear on the right with Catalonia

Visual acuity: read the following statements from spokesmen for the Spanish right wing, and guess what year they are and what event they refer to:

“It is a humiliation of the State without precedent in our democratic life, a case of high treason”

“He is a sorcerer’s apprentice who plays with the State as if it were a meccano, he has gotten down on his knees, we are at the beginning of the end of the State”

“It is the most vile act in history, bringing a government to its knees to beg for votes, a betrayal like no other in democracy is remembered”

“It intends to assault the power of the hand of the independentistas, it is a danger for Spain”

I give you a clue: The dates are 2006, 2018, 2019 and 2021. And the events to which they refer are the reform of the Statute of Catalonia, the motion of censure against Rajoy, the start of conversations with the Government and the approval of the pardons to the independence prisoners.

Could you point out when each statement is from? Of course not. Because they are interchangeable. The speech is the same, immovable: the same language (betrayal, humiliation, danger, knees), the same overacting (unprecedented, as no other is remembered, the greatest in history) and the same inability to adjust the tone and adjust it. to the seriousness of the fact (a statutory reform, a motion of censure, a dialogue, some pardons: everything is treason, all humiliation, without degrees).

I have only taken a few phrases, without much googling, but I could link videos of rallies and speeches in Congress, demonstrations or signature collections, and it would be impossible to distinguish what they are directed against. When it comes to the “national question”, the response of the political and media right wing is fixed gear, it has no scale, it is predictable and therefore harmless.

When taking steps to resolve the Spanish territorial conflict, the government should take this into account: whatever it does, it will invariably be accused of treason, humiliation, something never seen before in democracy. It does not matter if you undertake a legislative reform, a negotiation or a measure of grace; as if negotiating with the pro-independence parties a simple amendment to the budgets: in front there will always be the fixed gear right.

As in addition, his answer is always maximum, there is no further: what else can he accuse the government of, what is left above treason, political illegitimacy, the breakdown of democracy and of Spain? If, for example, the government agreed with the Catalan parties, I don’t know, an agreed referendum, what else could the right say that it hasn’t already said? And what else could he do that he has not already made in the face of decisions much lighter than a referendum: call demonstrations, collect signatures, present appeals to the Constitutional Court, mount a fight in Congress?

It has been seen again with the pardons: the fixed gear had already been spinning to the maximum for weeks, months, when the pardons were just a possibility, a rumor, and already then it was dedicating exactly the same words to the government that it has used this Tuesday after pardons be approved. The sole suspicion deserves the same disapproval as the act itself: betrayal, humiliation, the never seen before.

That the government take this into account: if after the pardons, which are a difficult and courageous step, it considers taking other difficult and courageous steps on the path of dialogue, to provide a political (and not police or judicial) solution to a conflict politician, do it with the tranquility that in front there will be noise and fury, yes, but the same noise and the same fury that you will have without taking those steps. Come on.