Wednesday, October 5

The flames advance uncontrollably in Bejís after burning 10,000 hectares, while the rain helps contain the Vall d’Ebo fire

Late this Wednesday afternoon, the Cecopi (Integrated Operational Coordination Center) met again to analyze the evolution of the two large fires that devastate the Valencian Community (in Bejís and Vall d’Ebo), as well as the new foci that have been appearing throughout the Valencian territory. So far, more than 10,000 hectares in Castellón and some 11,500 in Alicante have been affected by the fire and more than 3,000 people have had to be evicted.

The worst year in burned area in almost three decades: this is how active fires evolve in Spain

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The fire in Bejís is in a “very difficult” situation, as Puig has acknowledged, who explained that the fire is “very active, far from being able to perimeter it. You can’t talk about stabilization yet, far from it.” “During the night, the possible means will continue to work as far as possible, to try not to increase the perimeter and guarantee the safety of people,” explained Puig, who explained that the security of the homes is assured but that it is not one can still speak of the return of the evicted, “it would not be prudent in these circumstances”.

The weather conditions in Castellón have not contributed to facilitating the extinction tasks in the Alto Palancia region, “initially, Aemet’s forecasts were different, but they have not been fulfilled. It is possible that in the next few hours there could be a contribution of water, which would be welcome, but it will be insufficient to fight the fire”. From the Generalitat they hope that the drop in temperatures and the increase in humidity in the coming hours will help contain the fire: “Tomorrow could be a key day, because it will be the coolest day of the entire heat wave and that, probably , will help the work of the ground teams with the reinforcement of the aerial teams”.

In Castellón there have been two other fires, in Villar de Cañas and Albocàsser, caused by lightning, which initially do not seem to have affected the forest mass.

Good news in Vall d’Ebo

The good news focuses on the fire that has threatened the interior of Alicante since last weekend: “This afternoon there has been a good contribution of rain, which has been an encouragement to overcome the conflictive situation that we have been experiencing there this time” . This has meant warning evacuated people in the area so that they can return to their homes: “We ask for the utmost caution in returning to their homes, since there have been some landslides.”

In addition, the president has pointed out that the perimeter is being consolidated, “the perimeter of the fire has not increased, so we are in a position to work intensely towards stabilization.”

Also in the province of Alicante, a fire was recorded this Wednesday in Petrer, which was quickly put out after burning some 30 hectares thanks to the assistance of the aerial means that were working in Vall d’Ebo.