Sunday, December 10

The footballers Santi Mina and David Goldar offered the victim 400,000 euros to change their story

The soccer players Santi Mina (Celta de Vigo) and David Goldar (Unión Deportiva Ibiza), who are being tried for an alleged sexual assault, offered the victim 400,000 euros to retract her complaint. It was revealed by the private accusation in the session this Thursday, once the expected statements of witnesses and experts had concluded. Goldar’s defense replied, according to collects the journalist Javier Pajarónfrom La Voz Almería, who is following the sessions in person, that “it was she who addressed (the accused) and put a few more zeros”.

Santi Mina, Celta’s star striker who faces almost 10 years in prison accused of sexual assault

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This Friday the trial will be seen for sentencing, once Mina’s defense presents its report and the defendants are given a final turn to speak. Today, the Prosecutor’s Office maintained its request for sentences in its report: eight years in prison for the first and the exoneration of the second. In his intervention, which lasted 45 minutes, the prosecutor, Miguel Blasco, considered that there is “an accumulation, a cascade” of evidence that supports the complainant’s story.

“Honestly, it is difficult for me to understand that, with all these elements, it can be thought that these events have not occurred, how can it be said that the victim is lying, and I cannot understand how an acquittal can be reached in this case. ”, he stated during the processing of reports of the oral hearing against Mina and Goldar. The Prosecutor’s Office did not impute any crime to the latter in its brief and continues without doing so. However, the private prosecution considered him a necessary cooperator and requested, before the trial began, nine and a half years in prison for each.

The prosecutor explained that the presence of Santi Mina’s DNA in the gynecological examination is “confirmed” and that, once that point was cleared, it remained to be established whether the “carnal access” was consented or not. He defended that “the violence occurred, not only due to the lack of consent, which was not tacit, but was express, but also because the accused acted in an absolutely surprising, unexpected, unpredictable way.” He wondered if there is “something more violent than committing that action in that way.” He also maintained that there was “clear intimidation” and that this was increased when the events occurred in a space of “barely two square meters and in the presence of two young, athletic men.”

Blasco insisted that there are “evidence elements beyond the mere assessment of credibility.” It added that if the “verisimilitude, permanence over time and the absence of essential contradictions” in the victim’s testimony were not “sufficient”, the forensic expert evidence reveals that the physical and psychological injuries “are absolutely compatible” with “his story of facts”.