Thursday, October 28

The Foreign Minister assures that Algeria has guaranteed its gas supply this winter

“In energy matters, I have received the guarantee of the supply of gas from Algeria to Spain.” With those words, the Foreign Minister, José Manuel Albares, spoke after meeting with his counterpart, Ramtane Lamamra. The head of Spanish diplomacy traveled to that country on Thursday accompanied by representatives of the Naturgy and Enagás companies, fearing that the crisis between Algeria and Morocco would jeopardize the supply of gas to Spain from its main supplier at a delicate moment from the energy point of view, given the exorbitant increase in the price of electricity that has already set several consecutive records.

The Government admits that “the real price of a megawatt of nuclear origin is unknown” in the middle of the electric war

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Algeria broke diplomatic relations with its neighboring country in August threatening the supply of gas that reaches Spain via Morocco through the Maghreb-Europe gas pipeline, which serves for the Alawite kingdom to receive, in turn, the gas before the end of the concession. October 31st. There is another route of entry that is the Medgaz gas pipeline, which directly connects Algeria and Spain. Naturgy and the Algerian Sonatrach agreed in July to start operating the Medgaz expansion in the fourth quarter of this year, which will allow 25% of the natural gas consumed in Spain to be transported, reports Europa Press.

Albares has assured that it has the “Algerian commitment to satisfy the Spanish demand”. What he has not explained is how the supply will be guaranteed, which, through these two gas pipelines, accounts for 49% of what Spain consumes. The rest is imported through LNG tankers and regasified in the regasification plants that exist in different parts of the Spanish coast.

Faced with the diplomatic crisis between the two North African countries, the Foreign Minister and Congress assured that the supply would be guaranteed this winter because “Moroccans and Algerians want to work together in this area.”

Albares has also said that the meetings in Algiers have been “productive”. Beyond the energy crisis, they have decided to hold a high-level meeting between the two countries in Spain “as well as to intensify the political dialogue.” Algeria’s request that Spain welcome the leader of the Polisario Front, Brahim Ghali, to treat a serious illness led to a diplomatic crisis with Morocco that is in the process of being resolved. Ministry sources assure that the minister’s trip to Algeria does not endanger that situation.

“We have agreed to diversify, expand and enrich our commercial exchange,” concluded Albares, who has referred to sectors such as shipbuilding, tourism or renewable energy.

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