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The former convergent David Madí denies before the European Public Prosecutor’s Office a fraud with recovery funds

The former leader of Convergència David Madí has ​​denied this Tuesday before the European Public Prosecutor’s Office that he was trying to concoct a subsidy fraud related to his alleged intermediation work in the distribution of European funds, as suspected by the Barcelona judge who referred the case to the Ministry Community public.

The Government confirms that the former convergent David Madí is not registered as a ‘lobbyist’ despite his intermediation by Uber

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“I have clarified any misunderstanding and it has become very clear”, Madí himself assured after the statement, anticipating in turn that they will request the investigation file as soon as possible.

The research arose from an intercepted conversation to Madí within the framework of the Voloh operation, the macro-case investigated by the alleged corruption of leaders of the sovereignist Sanhedrin that organized 1-O and the alleged diversion of funds to the procés.

In the talk, David Madí transfers the representative of a consulting firm who met with Iván Redondo, former chief of staff of the Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, to discuss the operation of European funds at a meeting of the Foment del Treball employers’ association, of which is part. The European Public Prosecutor’s Office has also cited the consultant Joan F., Madí’s interlocutor, as being investigated.

“You have to establish a channel to enter. I met with Foment, I am part of Foment, and we had a meeting… of a small committee… with Iván Redondo… this will be a black tea party… it’s 140,000 million”, Madí pointed out in the conversation , of October 2020 and that was intervened by the Civil Guard.

The employers denied that the meeting, in which more than a dozen businessmen participated, served to distribute the funds and placed it in their usual institutional meetings. Judge Joaquín Aguirre sent the case to the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, in charge of investigating any matter related to a possible diversion of NextGeneration European funds.

It so happened that the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office opposed investigating Madí for the talk about European funds, understanding that it would be a “prospective” cause that would violate his “most elementary rights.” Anticorruption, which since the beginning of the case has been reluctant to keep most of Voloh’s lines of investigation open, adhered to Madí’s appeal, understanding that from the intervened conversation “the existence of any criminal type cannot be inferred” .

For the prosecutor, in the conversation Madí refers to “only the expectations of a new type of business consisting of offering its clients, as other consultants have done, the possibility of articulating projects to opt for European aid known to all.” On the other hand, the Barcelona Court considered Judge Aguirre’s thesis to be more accurate and authorized the sending of the case to the European Prosecutor’s Office, which must now decide on Madí’s file request.

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