Monday, September 20

The former director of CIA counterterrorism in the region: “There were warnings that what we are seeing could happen”

Douglas London, director of the CIA’s counterterrorism division for South and Southwest Asia until 2019, has denounced in a article published in Just Security that what happened in Afghanistan “was not an intelligence failure, but something much worse.”

“The decision to swiftly withdraw US forces by Trump and ratified by Biden came despite warnings projecting the outcome we are seeing today,” London writes in the article. “It was a path that Trump and Biden were dragged down by the ‘end endless wars’ slogan that they both embraced.”

London says he was responsible for the Afghanistan analyzes prepared for Donald Trump and that he also voluntarily advised Joe Biden as a candidate.

The former CIA director of counterterrorism maintains that the claims that explain the collapse of the Afghan army and the Taliban victory as an intelligence failure are a “scapegoat” and a strategy to “deflect responsibility for decisions made under political and ideological considerations. “.

“Without any military and intelligence presence beyond the embassy in Kabul, faced with a Taliban military and propaganda offensive and weakened by Ghani’s complex relationship with his own national political partners, the intelligence community warned that the government could dissolve in a matter of days. And it did, “says London.

“The failure was not due to a lack of warning, but to the arrogance and calculation of the political risk of those responsible, whose decisions are too often made based on their personal and political interests rather than being influenced by evaluations ( sometimes inconvenient) of the intelligence services and the total interests of the country, “he concludes.