Monday, September 27

The former director of the IVAM escapes jail with 75,000 euros despite having allocated twice as much to ‘sell’ her son as an artist with museum funds

Consuelo Císcar, who was the all-powerful director of the Valencian Institute of Modern Art (IVAM), is very affected by the legal case that persecutes her on account of the plot that she orchestrated in the institution to catapult the artistic career of her son, the artist Rablaci. Her husband, ex-minister Rafael Blasco, faces at the same time the last blows of his pending legal cases after having spent a season behind bars, while his nephew Sergio, is accused in the ‘Osvaldos case’. These are not good times for the group, a whole independent vertex of the power of the PP during the Zaplanista and camper autonomous governments.

The first piece of the IVAM case, however, has ended relatively well for Císcar. Far from the 12 years in prison that Anticorruption initially requested, the former director of the museum has been sentenced as the author of a continuous crime of administrative prevarication and another of embezzlement to a sentence of one year and a half in prison, as well as two years and six months of disqualification from employment or public office within the Valencian Community.

Although the former director of the IVAM actively and passively denied the accusations of the Generalitat Valenciana and the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office, a pact of conformity between the parties has led to Císcar not going to prison and that the convicts pay a joint and several compensation of just 75,000 euros. Of this civil liability, 50,000 euros correspond to diverted public funds and 25,000 to “objective damage caused to the reputation of the public entity.”

The condemned (Císcar, his subordinate Juan Carlos Lledó and the businessman Enrique Martínez Murillo) have acknowledged the facts and have already consigned 18,974 euros of diverted public funds. Thus, they undertake to pay the rest of the civil liability within 20 months.

The figure contrasts with the 143,883 euros that the museum spent to pay for the ‘Rablaci’ exhibitions on three continents, according to the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office. The young artist toured several continents to exhibit his work, as reported by country by country. Portugal, France, China, Japan, Cuba, Guatemala, Ecuador, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Chile, Uruguay and Mexico were the destinations of ‘Rablaci’.

The cost of transporting the works and the artist and his relatives amounted to 143,883 euros, an amount assumed by Enrique Martínez’s companies, investigated in the case. Its firms, specialized in logistics in the art world, won awards from the IVAM for a total of 3.7 million euros.

The case, however, is not yet closed. Císcar faces another piece for the acquisition of sculptures by the artist Gerardo Rueda in which he is prosecuted, along with Lledó, for the alleged continuing crimes of embezzlement of public funds, administrative prevarication and falsification of an official document.

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