Monday, March 27

The former leader of the Catalan PP charged with sexual assault is once again a deputy

The former secretary general of the Catalan PP Daniel Serrano, investigated for sexual assault, will replace the former ‘popular’ parliamentarian Eva Parera as deputy of the mixed group in Parliament. Serrano will be a non-attached deputy and against the criteria of the PP, which will remain with only two deputies in the Catalan Chamber.

Justice has been investigating Serrano since December 2020 for an alleged sexual assault and two alleged injuries to a party colleague. Serrano, to whom the party opened a file to expel him, resigned from all his charges after learning of his accusation and alleged that he had been denounced in a “false” way and for “extortion based on blackmail.”

However, Serrano – who was number 4 on the PP list for Barcelona, ​​after Parera – has now decided to assume the act of parliamentarian, which in turn returns him the status of appraised. This implies that, in principle, he will not be tried by an ordinary court but by the Civil and Criminal Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC).

The Central Electoral Board has already issued the credential to Serrano. Serrano will be the new deputy to take the act of the PP for Barcelona vacant in the Parliament of Catalonia as a result of the dismissal of Parera, one of Alejandro Fernández’s signings for the 14F, to set up the new Valents party.

PP sources have explained to the ACN agency that Serrano’s movement “goes against the criteria of the party” because, according to the formation, the former leader had transferred just after the elections that he would reject the parliamentary act if he was chosen to prepare his defense .

The “popular” trusted that Serrano would renounce the credential and Alejandro Fernández’s current chief of staff, Eduardo Bolaños, would assume the seat, for what they now see as “bad news” that the former secretary general accepts the act.