Sunday, October 17

The former mayor of Granada becomes a non-attached mayor and the group of Citizens is dissolved

The City Council of Granada has taken notice this Friday of the pass to situation as non-attached councilors of former mayor Luis Salvador and the mayor José Antonio Huertas, which is supposed to result in the consequent extinction of the municipal group of Citizens in this capital due to lack of members.

Cs Granada tries to rearm itself shortly before disappearing as a party in the City Council

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This change occurs after the leadership of the orange party communicated to the council, through its general secretary, that Salvador and Huertas were no longer part of Ciudadanos, so they had to go to the group of non-attached councilors, as stated has been specified this morning in an ordinary session of the plenary session.

The pass to the group of non-affiliates supposes the extinction in the Granada capital of the municipal group of Citizens, which in the last local elections obtained four councilors: in addition to Salvador and Huertas, Manuel Olivares and Lucía Garrido, who previously passed to be no assigned when the previous municipal Executive was broken.

Salvador and Huertas were expelled from Ciudadanos for supporting the socialist Francisco Cuenca as mayor during the full inauguration held two months ago after the breakdown of the previous bipartisan government of PP and Cs.

Currently, Salvador is a delegate councilor with the powers of Strategy 2031, the green ring, the internationalization of the Granada brand and the heart-healthy GRX, and Huertas leads the areas of Finance, Sports and Digital Transformation, in addition to being third deputy mayor.

Although the spokesman for United We Can, Antonio Cambril, has asked that this item on the agenda be fully debated, the mayor, Francisco Cuenca, has rejected this possibility by arguing that “to become aware is to become aware.”

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