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The former mayor of the PSC of L’Hospitalet who denounced the Consell Esportiu case will be mayor for ERC

The political derivative of the Consell Esportiu de L’Hospitalet case is on its way to having as many chapters as the judicial one. The last one was carried out this Thursday by Jaume Graells, the former socialist mayor who denounced the irregularities and who in less than a month has gone from breaking the PSC card to being named a candidate for the 2023 municipal elections by the local ERC assembly.

The Prosecutor’s Office asks to file the case against Núria Marín for the diversion of funds from the Consell Esportiu de L’Hospitalet

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In an assembly held this Thursday, the ERC militancy in L’Hospitalet ratified Graells as a candidate with 91% support. The already Republican mayor has expressed his gratitude and has set the mayor’s office as a goal “based on an open, inclusive approach, which invites with generosity and an outstretched hand all citizens who wish to join and be part of the necessary change ” .

Graells sounded the alarm in the case in February 2020, being a PSC councilor, and has always maintained that both the reaction of the mayor, Núria Marín, and the party was insufficient, although the Prosecutor’s Office has exonerated the socialist. The political management of the Consell Esportiu case, which has already resulted in two resignations of imputed socialist mayors, promises to be one of the axes of the Graells campaign.

The Public Ministry maintains that Marín “complied with the obligation to control the good end of the subsidies” from which the Consell is nourished after receiving the alert from Graells. The mayor commissioned an audit and when Graells delivered more documentation in May 2020, she sent it to the court, since the now mayor of ERC had already reported the events to the Police.

The investigation initiated by Graells’s complaint has continued its course and, pending the outcome of the main piece, the Prosecutor’s Office has already presented the first indictment, in which it claims 4 and a half years in prison for two former socialist councilors Cristian Alcázar and Cris Plaza for defrauding the Consell by falsifying severance pay.

The summary of the case highlights the confrontation that Alcázar and Plaza had with Graells after he denounced the diversion of Consell funds for private expenses such as dinners or books. Martín hardly exchanged messages with Graells after denouncing the irregularities, while the other two mayors did keep her informed of the development of the investigations and their summonses and judicial statements.

The confrontation reached the assemblies of the PSC in L’Hospitalet. In one of them, revealed by and held electronically during the pandemic, Alcázar called Graells “unpresentable” and demanded that he cut off the microphone.

In the last municipal elections, Marín achieved an absolute majority of the plenary session with 14 councillors, while ERC became the first opposition party with five mayors, a mark that Graells, who said goodbye to the PSC with harsh criticism towards his now rival, aspires to live through. Graells charged forcefully against Marín and the leadership of the PSC, whom he accused of acting with “hermeticism”, “passivity” and of having condemned him to “ostracism” after denouncing the corruption case.

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