Thursday, July 7

The former SGAE lawyer who plagiarized his thesis from lawyers of people accused of “piracy” loses his doctorate degree

The paradox of the anti-piracy lawyer who copies the defenders of the “pirates” comes to an end. The Doctoral School of the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) has declared void the title of Doctor of Law of Pedro Letai, a former SGAE lawyer who plagiarized extensive fragments of his 2012 thesis from David Bravo and Javier de la Cueva, the lawyers who defended people accused of “piracy” by their organization.

Pedro Letai, former SGAE lawyer, plagiarized Jabois and Loriga 99 of the 160 pages in his novel

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In 2019, revealed that Letai had copied entire pages of a legal document that Bravo and De la Cueva produced in 2010 so that any citizen accused of violating the intellectual property of protected content by sharing it on P2P networks could use it in their defense (like Emule or BitTorrent). As the basis of the text, the two lawyers used precisely an argumentation that they prepared to a demand that the SGAE itself formulated against linked websites that they defended, and in which they explained why there was no infringement of intellectual property.

The decision of the Doctoral School has appeared this Wednesday in the BOE, a year and a half after the revelations of this medium and that Letai never denied. The announcement cites “the cause of nullity by right” as a reason to withdraw the title, which means that the UAM considers that it no longer meets the requirements to have access to it, as it has advanced Our daily BOE.

Letai’s thesis – ‘The infringement of intellectual property rights on musical work on the Internet‘, which the UAM has already removed from its repository of documents— he also copied other lawyers, such as the researcher at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) and associate professor at Stanford, Miquel Peguera.

Days before revealed the multiple copies of Letai in his thesis, the written work of the former SGAE lawyer had begun to be questioned. The publication of a book of aphorisms with his signature was canceled after a Twitter user reported that Letai had copied them. Shortly after The Spanish revealed that his at least 99 pages out of the 160 in his book Seven songs past midnight (2014, editorial noVelnoBel) also contained copies of articles signed by Ray Loriga and Manuel Jabois.