Tuesday, February 20

The formula to be invisible exists and it doesn’t cost too much | Digital Trends Spanish

Based on a set of special lenses that redirect light, a British start-up company claims to have created an invisibility shield. Invisibility Shield Co has already developed 25 models and is going for more on the financing platform kickstarter.

“Disappointed by the lack of progress and the continued unavailability of actually working invisibility shields, we decided to step up and dedicate ourselves fully to our project to create one,” they explain from the team.

After “innumerable versions” and tests with an infinity of materials and many failures involved, its creators acknowledge, they found “the best invisibility shields ever manufactured”, in addition to a “reliable, scalable and efficient” production process.

The London newspaper version Daily Mail He explains that a good part of the light that enters through the back of the shield is scattered and ends up being reflected to the sides. “Since the lenses are oriented vertically, the vertically oriented strip of light reflected by the standing or crouching subject quickly becomes very diffuse when it spreads out horizontally as it passes behind the shield,” they add.

From the observer’s perspective, the press release added, “the background light is diffused horizontally through the shield, blocking out the area where the subject would normally be seen.” For the same reason, the shield works best on solid backgrounds.}

The smallest variety (12×8 inches or 30×20 cm) costs the equivalent of $65. The largest edition (37×25 inches or 94×64 cm) is worth approximately $400 dollars.

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