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The four best heaters to take the cold out of your hands

Even though some days the sun comes out and the weather seems to calm down, we continue in winter and the cold is present in many places in Spain. One of the consequences of the cold, and that many of us suffer, is the feeling that our hands are numb and it is difficult for us to move them or use them for almost any task. Is there a solution?

Most of us we use morning coffee to warm up, hands included. But it may be that, after a short time, the feeling goes away and, for that, hand warmers are a great option.

The hand warmers They are very useful devices for those of us who are especially cold or for people who have a really bad time in cold environments. And it is that, although they are usually used before going out or while we walk, they can be ideal tools for those first hours of teleworking.

For example, if we stand in front of the computer or tablet and we notice that it is difficult for us to move our fingers because we recently got up. It can be uncomfortable trying to write on the computer, draw or use your hands, noting that you are not very agile; That’s when hand warmers can come in handy to get you started more easily.

Which are less polluting?

The reality is that, although each type has its advantages, reusable models are less polluting. Whether they are electric or water-based models, these types of hand warmers do not leave any type of residue,

The disposable leg warmers -those that are like bags- work through iron and toxic chemicals, so they must be deposited in a clean point or their corresponding container stored in an airtight bag. At the same time, electric reusable heaters need to be recharged. Something to keep in mind for some users.

top 4 models

The Heat Company: 10 pairs

But the previous situation can be something that happens to us very occasionally, that is, that we almost never have so much cold in our hands that it prevents us from carrying out an action. For this reason, there are a kind of envelopes that work as hand warmers.

Its operation is very simple: you hit it or shake it between your hands and these bags heat up. We can use them before playing on the computer, working… or put them in our pockets.

The Heat Company hand warmers for €14.99

OCOOPA heater

Unlike the previous ones, the OCOOPA hand warmer is a rechargeable device through a USB cable. It is a lithium battery that is capable of emitting heat and, in this way, taking the cold out of our hands. In addition, we can charge the mobile with it.

Honyin heater

A device very similar to the previous one: the Honyin is a hand warmer with up to 12 hours of use and instant heating. In addition, like the OCOOPA, it allows us to charge our mobile phone if necessary.

com-four reusable leg warmers

Although the two models that we have seen before may be very attractive to us, the reality is that they are just another electrical device. That is, they consume electricity. Although minimal, they have an environmental impact and mean having a device more connected to the electrical network.

Boiling water-based heaters, as well as this com-four model, based on a metal plate and a crystallizing liquid, are a reusable alternative that does not require electricity.

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