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The four best instant cameras to give away on Father’s Day

With the Father’s Day coming up –it is celebrated on March 19 in Spain–, many of us may be asking ourselves the big question: what can we water it with? An original option, although useful, can be found in instant cameras: models that continue the technology of Polaroid cameras.

What does an instant camera offer compared to digital ones? Basically, and as its name suggests, the possibility of have the photo a few seconds after taking them. Although they became popular in the last century and the mirrorless seem to dominate the market, the reality is that it is becoming more and more common to see film cameras in the usual consumer technology stores.

Especially among the youngest, these cameras are living a second golden age thanks to the fact that they are related to the “vintage” phenomenon. Now there are many people who we can see use them in meetings, festivals or through social networks to give an “analog” touch to the photographs they take.

Its operation, moreover, is very simple: you insert the film in the camera, take the picture and it comes out of the body. After a few seconds, we can have our image already printed.

In ConsumptionOf course, we recommend some of the best models in relation quality/price.

Kodak C300R

One of the classic brands, and one that could not be left out among the recommended ones, is Kodak with its C300R. It is an instant camera with a square format (76×76) that also offers the possibility of saving them at the same time on our mobile phone.

Regarding the camera itself, the Kodak C300R has two photo formats: one square with white borders –Retro– and another without borders, more modern. It has a small digital viewfinder that shows us exactly how the photograph will turn out, something that makes our work much easier – and avoids disappointments.

Kodak C300R for €151.99

mini 11

One of the most popular instant cameras is the instax Mini. The most striking features of this model are: a very original rounded design that tries to move away from the idea of ​​”camera” and an optical viewfinder.

The instax Mini 11 has a Fujinon lens (from Fujifilm) that works really well in most environments, as well as detecting the ambient light of the image we want to photograph to reduce or increase gain.

instax Mini 11 for €73.99

Polaroid Now

The brand par excellence is Polaroid, which was one of the pioneers in this type of camera. The Polaroid Now is a model that mimics the shape of the classic OneStep of the 70s: lens, flash and viewfinder “up”, while the film comes out from the bottom area of ​​​​the front.

This camera has a system of two lenses for autofocus so that it gives greater depth to the photographs and a counter that tells us how much film is left. In addition, it has a flash that, according to the manufacturer, is less intrusive than others.

Polaroid Now for €109.99

Kodak Printomatic

But if we are looking for a small camera, with a simple but beautiful design and at a good price, then the Kodak Printomatic may be our option. It is a camera of just 12 centimeters on its long side and a weight of 200 grams, which makes it ideal to always carry it with you for any occasion.

It has internal memory and a microSD slot so we can save our photos. In the technical section, we find a 5 MP sensor, f/2 aperture and a long-lasting battery.

Kodak Printomatic for €57.99

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