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The fourth feminist wave shakes the world

In recent years, feminism has become a mass phenomenon. #MeToo, the fight for access to abortion, or the demand for the distribution of care are some of the key issues. Argentina and the USA are two places where the battle takes on a special meaning. On these issues, great references of national and international feminism will talk in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento de València, on Friday, September 23.

Mikki Kendall: “Poverty or access to housing affect more women than how to become CEO of a company”

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Luciana Peker, Mikki Kendall, the Secretary of State for Equality and against Gender Violence, Ángela Rodríguez, Laura Baena, founder of the Malas Madres Club, and Ley DJ will talk with the editor-in-chief of Gender at, Ana Requena, about the challenges of this fourth wave.

Angela Rodriguez She is Secretary of State for Equality and against Gender Violence. She has a degree in Philosophy from the University of Santiago de Compostela and a master’s degree in Mistreatment and Gender Violence. She was a deputy between 2016 and 2019 in Congress for the Parliamentary Group Podemos-En Comú Podem-En Marea. She assumed one of the members of the subcommission that carried out the work for the approval of the State Pact Against Gender Violence. In January 2020, she joined the cabinet of the Minister for Equality, Irene Montero, as a parliamentary advisor until her appointment as Secretary of State for Equality.

mikki kendall She is an American writer and expert on diversity and feminism. She has been interviewed on the BBC, NPR, The Daily Show, PBS, Good Morning America, MSNBC, Al Jazeera, WBEZ, and Showtime, and speaks on race, feminism, police violence, technology, and pop culture at colleges and universities around the world. USA. She is the author of Hood Feminism (voted best book of the year by BBC, Bustle and TIME). She is also the author of Amazons, Abolitionists and Activists, a graphic novel illustrated by A. D’Amico. Her essays can be read in The Times, The New York Times, The Guardian, The Washington Post, Vogue, and The Boston Globe among others.

Luciana Peter is an Argentine journalist and writer specializing in gender. She is the author of the books “Putita Golosa, for a feminism of enjoyment” (Editorial Galerna); “Sexteame, love and sex in the era of desiring women”; “The Revolution of the daughters” (Editorial Planeta). She also wrote “The Women’s Revolution Wasn’t Just a Pill” and “Railway Women, Life Experiences on Rails.” She is currently a columnist for the Infobae news portal. She also collaborates in La Diaria (Uruguay) and Pikara (Spain). She wrote for 20 years in the Las / 12 supplement of Página 12 and was a columnist, among others, in The New York Times, Washington Post, El País,, La Marea, Yo Donna and Crítica. She has received numerous awards for her career.

Laura Baena has become, after 8 years of tireless work, the voice of conciliation for women in Spain. As an activist at the head of the Club de Malasmadres and the Association I do not resign for conciliation, her objective is to work on a new social model of motherhood and achieve a real conciliation, which does not push women to resign when motherhood arrives. She has just published her second book “I don’t quit”, with which she intends to generate a movement and awaken women based on her personal history. Lecturer and media collaborator, she has received countless awards for her work.

dj law She is one of the most valued DJs on the current scene. She has performed on the main stage of the FIB and has been the only one to play twice at the New Year’s Eve chimes at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento in Valencia. Among the Spanish festivals that have featured her work are some of the most important in the country: the aforementioned FIB, Mallorca Live, Dcode, Arenal Sound, Low Festival, Sonorama, WARM, Ibiza Rocks or San San. On the night prior to the celebration of this colloquium, we will be able to enjoy a music session by Ley DJ. The Valencian will play on Thursday the 22nd starting at 10:00 pm on the stage of the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, songs that will range from indie to electronic and that will make the audience dance.

Both attendance at the colloquium and the Ley Dj session, as well as the rest of the festival’s activities, are Free access.

When 09/23. 12:45

Where Plaça de L’Ajuntament de València

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