Monday, October 18

The Free Association of Lawyers complains against Díaz Ayuso in the Supreme Court for the uprising of assets

The Free Association of Lawyers (ALA) has filed a complaint against the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, whom it accuses of an alleged crime of lifting assets for accepting her parents’ home as a donation, in a process that the complainants consider that he was trying to steal from the Administration the collection of a public money credit from which the family of the Popular Party politician had avoided any payment. ALA has presented the complaint to the Supreme Court, because Ayuso is measured, although it is also directed against eight other people.

According to the complaint, in February 2011 MC Infortécnica SL, a company that was owned by the couple formed by the parents of Díaz Ayuso and three other couples, obtained a loan-endorsement of 400,000 euros through the public entity of the Community of Madrid Avalmadrid SGR, which was endorsed by MC Infortécnica SL’s own partners with 14 properties they owned, 7 of them free of charges and 7 already mortgaged.

“When the time came to return the loan-guarantee, in December 2011, –informs ALA– the company MC Infortécnica, SL did not pay a single one of the established deadlines. The crime would have been committed when all the guarantors of the MC entity were detached. Infortécnica, SL, among whom were the parents of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, of all their goods free of charges through donations to relatives in the case of Isabel Díaz Ayuso and disposals to third parties and relatives in the case of the rest of the guarantors, all of them defendants “.

For the lawyers’ association, the grantees and buyers, mostly relatives of the guarantors of MC Infortécnica, SL are presumed necessary cooperators in the commission of the uprising of assets perpetrated by said guarantors, and in the case of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, “with absolute recklessness and taking advantage of their privileged situation, since they allowed the only 7 properties free of encumbrances that could have been made due to the breach of payments by MC Infortécnica SL, to leave the patrimony of the guarantors and go to relatives direct “.

“Isabel Díaz Ayuso, knowing the situation of MC Infortécnica SL, accepted the donation made by her parents of what was their family home, in order to subtract it from any execution that could be agreed upon in the face of credit-guarantee defaults”, adds ALA in a press release. The plaintiffs consider that Díaz Ayuso could have committed an alleged crime of confiscation of assets in its aggravated form, which is punishable by penalties of between 1 and 6 years in prison and a fine of 12 to 24 months.

The Prosecutor’s Office flatly rejected a previous complaint from Más Madrid for the same events but in that case it pointed to or other possible crimes, unfair administration or influence peddling.

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