Wednesday, November 30

The friendly dolphin of the Noia estuary appears swimming with a stuck harpoon

For more than two years, a solitary dolphin that often approaches humans has been swimming in the Muros y Noia estuary. Sailors have gotten used to seeing it and have named it. Some call him Manoliño, others Confi. He became popular in the summer of 2021, when videos circulated of his incursions on the beaches and his interactions with people who even approached the coast with the purpose of touching him, something that the biologists asked not to do. He now he has been seen in the same waters, but wounded. He has a harpoon stuck in his side.

Sailor Rogelio Santos, who also makes informative videos about the marine fauna found while fishing, has shared images of the dolphin on his networks. He points out that the animal is very scared and asks whoever finds it not to try to remove the harpoon because there is a group of biologists and veterinarians analyzing how to help it.

The Coordinator for the Study of Marine Mammals (CEMMA), an NGO dedicated to cetaceans, has also reported the state of the dolphin through its social networks. They explain that it has been seen in the port of Freixo, in the municipality of Outes (A Coruña). Members of the organization have verified that he has a metal rod stuck in it that “seems to be superficial” and does not prevent him from swimming. CEMMA indicates that it is going to monitor Manoliño while the veterinarians evaluate what to do.

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