Saturday, May 21

The Generalitat asks the Government for “a solution” for the case of the Court of Accounts but does not specify its demands

The Government is focused on the open case of the Court of Accounts against a quarantine of exalted positions, which this Tuesday has specified the figures that it demands from each one. Taking advantage of the meeting that President Pere Aragonès will hold with President Pedro Sánchez, the Government spokesperson has demanded that the Government “work on a solution” to alleviate these fines, although she has preferred not to specify what specific demands Aragonès will use on this issue in the Moncloa.

The 41 ‘chosen’ by the Court of Accounts to pay for the process

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“It is expected that at this afternoon’s meeting the president will convey the need to end the repression, also with the economic repression,” explained the protagonist Patricia Plaja. “We are facing a new repressive wave, with which it is intended to ruin entire families to scare public officials who defend independence,” continued Plaja, who also recalled the words of the Minister of Transport when he stated that the cause of the inspection body was “stones in the path of dialogue”.

In this sense, the Government spokesperson has stated that the Government “must make a move” apart from “limiting itself to taking note.” Aragonès already demanded a few days ago that the Government give instructions to the State Attorney to change its criteria and not be contrary to the allegations that the investigated have presented, a claim that Pedro Sánchez has denied. “The Court of Auditors is not a court despite its name, but a pre-judicial administrative body seeking revenge,” Plaja complained. “The Spanish Government cannot look the other way before actions like this because it is a democratic anomaly,” he added.

The Government spokesperson has also insisted that the Generalitat is not considered harmed by the actions pursued by the Court of Accounts, so it does not consider that it should be compensated. There is the paradox that the money that the supervisory body claims would come to cover supposed economic deviations of the Catalan administration and, therefore, the fines against the exalted positions would be entered into the accounts of the Generalitat.

Given this, Plaja has affirmed that the Government does not consider that there has been any patrimonial damage, so that the legal services of the Generalitat “work to minimize the impact of the requests of the Court of Accounts.” The spokeswoman has avoided specifying what legal actions the Catalan administration is planning, which could appear in the case. “When there is a decision on this, it will be communicated,” the spokeswoman has cleared.

As it has been known this Tuesday, the Court of Auditors figures at 5.4 million in total the money supposedly diverted to promote independence abroad through the foreign action of the Generalitat, during the Mas and Puigdemont governments. In addition to these two presidents, Junqueras, five former councilors, nine former secretaries, six auditors, 17 former delegates in various countries and one MEP are included in the case. Altogether there are 34 people from whom bail has been claimed. For the former president Artur Mas and the former Minister of Economy Andreu Mas-Colell, 2.8 million are provisionally claimed, and another almost two million euros from Carles Puigdemont and Oriol Junqueras, legal sources inform