Tuesday, September 28

The Generalitat awards the Gold Medal to the economist Arcadi Oliveres and the oceanographer Josefina Castellví

The Government has agreed on Tuesday to award the Generalitat Gold Medal posthumously to economist and activist Arcadi Oliveres, who died last April. The renowned oceanographer Josefina Castellví, 87, will also receive this distinction. The official award ceremony will be held on September 9, within the commemoration of the Diada.

Arcadi Oliveres: “I am going to die without seeing the monarchy fall, but you will see it in four days”

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Oliveres is awarded the Medal “for his outstanding civic, academic and social career,” the Generalitat highlighted in a statement. In addition to teaching at the university, this economics professor dedicated himself during his life to activism for peace and against the sale of arms. He also actively participated in movements such as the 15M or the claiming of papers for migrants.

With the Gold Medal, the Government assures that they want to “honor one of the most beloved social references in contemporary Catalonia”.

As for Castellví, her career as an oceanographer, biologist, scientific researcher and writer stands out. The Generalitat also wants to “honor” its role as one of the “pioneers” in research in Catalonia. “With her career and her talent, she paved the way for many women scientists, a fact that – together with her prestige and international projection – make her a true benchmark for new generations of scientists,” they add.


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