Friday, June 9

The Generalitat decrees high risk of fire in 31 regions of Catalonia from midnight

The Generalitat will activate level 2 of the Alpha Plan in 31 regions of Catalonia where there is a high risk of fire as of tonight. The Rural Agents body will carry out exclusive surveillance of fires and, as an additional measure, all risk activities have been suspended in 277 municipalities. Specifically, 2,400 activities have been cancelled.

Tons of slaughtered fish and a bare bell tower, the image of the advance of the drought


It has been recalled that it is forbidden to make fire and a call has been made to all citizens to take extreme precautions during Sunday in any activity that is carried out in nature, since the weather conditions and the state of the vegetation mean that any ignition It could become a major forest fire.

According to the Department of Climate Action, Sunday afternoon is the most widespread moment of danger because there will be temperatures much higher than usual. This, added to the entry of gusts of wind, will produce a sudden drop in humidity that can facilitate fires.

The situation in Catalonia is critical due to the lack of rain that is leading to a severe drought. The Generalitat and various municipalities have already imposed restrictions that, for the moment, do not affect drinking water, but the administrations do not rule out water cuts if there is no rainfall. This has resulted in much drier vegetation than is normal at this time of year, a fact that has already led to various forest fires.