Monday, January 17

The Generalitat dismisses Trapero as head of the Mossos

The Minister of the Interior of the Generalitat, Joan Ignasi Elena, has dismissed Josep Lluís Trapero as major of the Mossos d’Esquadra. Trapero had been at the helm of the Catalan police for barely a year after being reinstated as a major after being acquitted in the sedition trial at the National High Court.

The new chief commissioner of the Mossos d’Esquadra will be Josep Maria Estela, until now head of the Tarragona police region, but it will not count the category of major that Trapero had to “flee from personalities”, according to sources from the Ministry of the Interior. The commissioners Rosa Bosch and Eduard Sallent, who already led the body in Miquel Buch’s stage in the Interior, will also be part of the leadership of the Mossos.

The dismissal of Trapero at the head of the Mossos has two readings. On the one hand, it means keeping the body unstable in terms of its leadership: in four years, with an intervention from the central government in between, the Mossos will have had up to five leaders. The explanation that is given from the Interior, a council that is managed by ERC for the first time, is different, and points to a need for new leaderships in the body.