Tuesday, November 29

The Generalitat grants semi-freedom to the looter of the Palau de la Música for humanitarian reasons

The Department of Justice of the Generalitat de Catalunya has granted the third degree to the former president of the Palau de la Música Fèlix Millet for humanitarian reasons due to his health problems, two years and four months after he entered the Brians 1 prison to serve his sentence for the plundering of the cultural entity.

Justice manages to recover more than 12 million from the looting of the Palau de la Música

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As the EFE agency has advanced, the prison Treatment Board agreed at the end of last month to grant the third degree to Millet, 86, with which he only has to go to prison to sleep from Monday to Thursday, in application of article 104.4, which allows the prison system to be made more flexible for “humanitarian” reasons for inmates suffering from serious illnesses.

The Prosecutor’s Office is still studying whether to appeal to justice the open regime granted to the confessed looter of the Palau for health reasons, which has been notified to him although without the medical reports that would prove the serious ailments suffered by Millet.

For this reason, the public ministry has asked the Ministry to provide the medical reports on which the treatment board has based itself to grant the third degree to the inmate, which was agreed a few days after Gemma Ubasart took office as Minister of Justice after the departure of Junts from the Government.

A few months ago, the prison surveillance judge denied the open regime for the second time to Fèlix Millet, who had appealed his classification in second degree, arguing that he suffers from a “serious, irreversible and incurable” illness.

The prisoner, who was sentenced to nine years and eight months in prison, is far from returning to the Palau de la Música the 23 million euros that he was sentenced to pay and the fines set in the sentence: so far the entity has recovered only 12 of the 23 million euros thanks to the assets seized from the defendants.

In addition, he has two open cases for hiding income from rentals from justice and for the disappearance of several valuables from his home, presumably with the intention of circumventing his obligation to compensate the Palau de la Música for the looting he perpetrated for decades .

Precisely, the fact that Millet has not paid the civil liability imposed in the sentence is one of the factors that the prison surveillance judge took into account to revoke the third degree that he had requested.

For his part, Jordi Montull, who was Millet’s right-hand man and sentenced to seven and a half years for looting, remains in second-degree prison after the surveillance judge earlier this year revoked the open regime that the Generalitat granted him. in September 2021.

Both are summoned to testify as investigated next week before the judge who is investigating whether they hid the income they received from rented properties so as not to have to pay the Palau de la Música.


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