Tuesday, October 19

The Generalitat has fined 351 housing activists for concentrations against evictions

The entities for the right to housing in Catalonia have put a figure this Wednesday on a growing problem: the administrative sanctions imposed by the Department of the Interior for their actions to paralyze evictions. Since March 2019, at least 351 activists have been denounced by the Mossos d’Esquadra for participating in these concentrations.

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The entities, including the Tenant Union and the PAH, denounce that the sanctioning activity of the Catalan police has skyrocketed and that most of the fines have been received in the last three months. That is why they demand from the Department of the Interior, which is now in the hands of ERC, its “immediate withdrawal.”

In addition, those affected denounce the incoherence of the Catalan Executive to use the gag law, which both the Junts and ERC have asked to repeal, to punish activists for infractions such as obstruction of authority or disobedience. The fines can reach 604 euros, which makes the group of activists sanctioned add up to more than 200,000 euros.


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