Saturday, September 30

The Generalitat supports the Ametller agricultural park project in the Penedès

The ‘consellera’ of Climate Action, Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food, Teresa Jordà, has visited this Thursday the Agroparc Penedès project, promoted by Ametller Origen, with the business objective of facing the challenges of the agri-food sector in Catalonia and has shown its support for this initiative. Before meeting with the CEO of the company, Josep Ametller, the ‘consellera’ has briefly stated before the media that the Agroparc initiative seems “very good news”.

In this regard, he explained: “The agroparque links with the lines of circularity, sustainability of an essential and important sector in our house such as agri-food, with renewable energies and, for this reason, from the Government we give it all the possible support since it will be beneficial for the Penedès but also for all of Catalonia “.

According to Ametller Origen, the Agroparc will mean the creation of more than 3,100 direct, indirect and induced jobs, an approximate investment of 180 million euros and will generate a productive activity valued at more than 300 million euros from the year 2027, which is equivalent to 10% of the GDP of Alt Penedès.

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On December 23, the Territorial Commission of Catalonia reported favorably on the nature of the project’s territorial interest, which was the starting signal for the administrative and urban processing of this initiative and, according to the company, it was the first time that the Territorial Commission of Catalonia reported favorably on a project of territorial interest promoted by a private initiative.

It should be noted that the project also has its detractors and the Stopagroparc platform has already been set up which, with the support of Naturalistes de Gelida, Bosc Verd and Unió de Pagesos, denounces that the facility “will threaten the landscape and agriculture of the Penedès” .