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The Generalitat undertakes to give a Middle Grade VET place to all those who were left out

The Minister of Education of the Generalitat has come out of the crisis due to lack of places in Vocational Training with a strong message. “No student who wants to study FP will be left without a place in Middle Grade studies. None. And I repeat it conscientiously,” said Josep González-Cambray. This will not be the case in those of Higher Degree, where he has wanted to make it clear that, as in the University, they do not feel so obliged to balance supply with demand because it is accessed by grade.

The Government entrusts the training revolution to VET while thousands of young people are left without a place in Madrid and Catalonia

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The press conference at the beginning of the course, in which it was confirmed that the reinforcements of personnel hired last year due to the epidemic are maintained, has been marked by the situation of VET, which after experiencing an increase in the demand for a 23% in just one year had left thousands of applicants without a place. Unions such as UGT estimated that there were more than 20,000 people.

In Middle Grade training cycles, the gap was initially 52,000 pre-registered for only 38,000 places, a difference of 14,000 applicants. To respond to their demand and that they are not left out, the Government has a new extraordinary call for 6,539 new positions that begins this Wednesday and until Friday. In addition, the Minister has assured that in the most requested cycles, which are nursing auxiliary care and microinformatics systems and networks, they will open “unlimited” places at a distance, through the Obert Institute of Catalonia (IOC).

To all this, González-Cambray explained that during the months of pre-registration and registration they have registered a significant volume of resignations, which they hope will also occur in this new extraordinary process. In the previous one, a total of 3,700 pre-registered did not formalize the registration. This is due, according to Education, to the fact that among those who want to study VET there are more and more young people who come from the labor market. “These have changing situations and there are those who have been finding employment and are not going to study,” said González-Cambray. For the first time, the percentage of pre-registered over 20 years exceeded 20%.

With the new call, 68 groups will be opened in public institutes throughout Catalonia. The last eight to be made public this Wednesday will be in Barcelona, ​​Badalona, ​​Sant Adrià del Besòs, Sant Just, Sant Cugat, Lleida, Cervera and Salt.

The 2021-2022 academic year will begin in Catalonia with 263,323 students in Infant, 469,600 in Primary and 333,312 in Secondary. For the first time, the demographic decline reaches the ESO, which will have 3,820 fewer students than in the previous academic year.

However, González-Cambray recalled that they will keep the 8,200 professionals hired as COVID-19 reinforcement in the 2020-2021 academic year (about 8,200, most of them teachers) and will add 1,200 more endowments. Of these, 895 will be teachers and the rest, educational support personnel, infant technicians or administration personnel.

To these developments must be added those that were already released two weeks ago on epidemiological measures. The course will begin almost the same as the previous one in terms of COVID-19, but the safety distances within the classroom are reduced, families will be allowed into the school for the first time and students will be able to go without a mask in the classroom. recess as long as they are from the same bubble group.

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