Wednesday, December 8

The Generalitat urges directors not to abide by 25% of classes in Spanish despite the sentences

All the directors of Catalan educational centers have received a letter from the Minister of Education, Josep González-Cambray, a few hours after it became known that the Supreme Court overthrew the model of immersion in Catalan in the educational system . In the letter, Cambray has encouraged them to maintain their current language projects despite the court decisions.

The use of Catalan in the classrooms in Catalonia is sinking among students

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“You should not make any changes in your language projects because of the sentence”, the minister has made clear to them. demonstrated so far, “continues the letter, which is almost traced to the message that González-Cambray himself delivered in his appearance on Tuesday afternoon.

The Supreme Court put an ‘de facto’ end to the use of Catalan as the only vehicular language in schools by rejecting an appeal by the Generalitat against the judgment of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) in which it was already ruled that all schools of Catalonia, public and private, must teach at least 25% of the classes in Spanish.

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