Thursday, September 16

The Generalitat Valenciana abolishes the curfew after the good epidemiological evolution and reopens nightlife

The curfew is over in the Valencian territory. The Interdepartmental Commission for Prevention and Action against COVID-19 has agreed this Monday, after the celebration of the Fallas, to abolish the restrictions in force since last August 17. The good epidemiological data, the fall in the incidence and the promotion of vaccination have led to the progressive reopening in the framework of a prudent de-escalation, as announced by the Minister of Health, Ana Barceló, in an appearance in the permanent deputation of the Corts Valencians.

The Valencian territory has gone from an alert level 4 to 2. “All the indicators drop significantly”, reported the president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig, who thanked the “civility, conviction and solidarity” that they have allowed the restrictions to be lifted.

Thus, the limitation of night mobility disappears (in force until this Monday from 1 to 6 in the morning), the limitation of social gatherings to a maximum of a dozen people decreases and in the hotel industry the maximum number of diners indoors goes from six eight (10 people outdoors). The suspension of the curfew also concerns, as he explained, the 14 municipalities that presented the worst epidemiological situation: “The evolution of all the data in the Valencian Community is clearly downward” and the Consell has chosen to “make a decision general”. “If we see that there is a new turning point, an interdepartmental commission would meet and other types of measures would be taken,” the president warned.

The nightlife also reopens until 3 in the morning (the last drink can be served until 2.30, Puig has indicated). Of course, with the capacity limited to 50%, without use of the bar and without dancing. The hours for the catering and hospitality sector, on the other hand, remain as they have been until now with a limit until 00:30.

Massive events may have a maximum of 1,500 people indoors and 3,000 outdoors. The capacity is also increased to 60% in outdoor sporting events (the president has specifically referred to the Football League and the ACB) with a limitation of 8,000 spectators. In closed stadiums, the maximum capacity will be 40% up to a maximum of 4,000 spectators.

The new regulatory framework will be developed in two phases. Within three weeks, on September 27, the Interdepartmental Commission for Prevention and Action against COVID-19 will evaluate the epidemiological situation: “If we see that the favorable evolution continues, we will enter a second phase in which we will extend schedules and gauges, “said Puig. The second section would culminate on October 9, a “key and symbolic date”.

Appeal to the unvaccinated “minority”

Puig, accompanied by the minister Ana Barceló, has taken out his chest due to the good evolution of the data: the incidence is three times lower (the third lowest in Spain) and, for a month, the number of people hospitalized for coronavirus has dropped to the half. He has also appealed to the “minority of the population” that has not yet been vaccinated and has alluded to the fact that the delta variant of COVID-19 entails greater hospitalization. “Get vaccinated for yourself and for others, Valencian society needs it,” he said. The president recalled that in hospitals there are “young people dying because they are not vaccinated.”

The president thanked the vaccination teams for their work, which has made it possible to reach 3.6 million Valencians of vaccination age with the complete schedule. “We have vaccinated more than the Spanish average and ahead of all large European countries, in addition to the United States, Israel and Japan,” said Puig, who assured that the Valencian Community “leads vaccination worldwide with an exemplary civic attitude “. In a month, 90% of the population of vaccination age will have the complete schedule, he assured.

“Even safer classrooms”

The beginning of the school year is another of the great challenges facing the Valencian regional executive. Half of the ESO and Baccalaureate students are vaccinated and in the university community complete immunization is “very advanced”, Puig abounds.

“This year the classrooms will be even safer, they are the most favorable face of this period of hope,” he declared. Regarding the management protocol for cases of contagion in the school environment, the head of the Department of Health has explained that, when a student over 12 years old tests positive, they are quarantined unlike contacts if they have the complete guideline vaccination. The Minister Ana Barceló has reported that this Tuesday the Public Health Council will decide a “criterion as approximate as possible for all autonomous communities.”

Thanks to the fallas world

Ximo Puig has advocated generating the “maximum possible stability for all social and economic actors” and has reiterated the recommendation to use the mask in open spaces when the safety distance cannot be maintained. Regarding the unusual celebration of the Fallas, the head of the regional Executive has said that they show that “events can be organized, with the essence and soul of the Fallas” and has shown his gratitude to the Fallas world for their “willingness to cooperate and co-responsibility “.

Thus, Puig has highlighted the positive image before Spain and stressed that there have been no “disturbances” (specifically, he has used the word aldarulls in Valencian) as “in other places”. “Organized civil society is capable of understanding the moments that we are living,” says the president.

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