Friday, December 3

The Generalitat will take the Housing Law to the Constitutional Law if it is not modified when it understands that it invades its powers

The Generalitat has threatened this Wednesday to take the Housing Law to the Constitutional Court if it is not modified during its parliamentary process. The text, approved by the Government last week, supposes, according to the Catalan Executive, an interference in matters of competences.

The Housing Law endangers Colau’s star measure for social flats

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The Regional Minister for Social Rights, Violant Cervera, on whom the management of housing matters depends, has announced in Parliament that, if the text approved by the Government becomes final, they plan to present the appeal and request an opinion from the Council of Catalan Statutory Guarantees. Cervera has argued that the Housing Law affects the Catalan parliamentary consensus, since it lowers the current rental regulation in Catalonia, and that “it is very poorly financed” in terms of housing emergencies.

The Generalitat had already described this law as “recentralizing” when it was presented. In Catalonia, a rental regulation has been in force since September 2020, which not only freezes prices but also forces them to be lowered if they are above the index prepared by the Government. The Catalan norm is appealed to the Constitutional law by the Government, which also considered that its powers were invaded.