Sunday, October 17

The German conservatives do not support their candidate, Armin Laschet, in his intention to form a government




This morning the CDU leadership has poured a jug of cold water on the intentions of its candidate, Armin Laschet, of trying to lead a government despite having been the second most voted party.

Laschet expressed that intention last night and this morning he defended in the Konrad Adenauer House that it is necessary to “radiate will” to work on the formation of a government. “The Greens want us to prepare to participate in the government,” he said, but several men have stopped his feet, such as Michael Kretschman, president of Saxony, who has stressed that he does not see a mandate from the electorate for the CDU to lead a government.

In the event that the extreme left of Die Linke were threatening to be part of a left-wing coalition, something like a last resort could have been thought of, for not having reached the necessary threshold of 5% of the votes, so the most reasonable thing is to let the most voted candidate begin his polls for government formation.

The leadership of the conservative formation, contrary to Laschet’s triumphant tone, has made a very critical assessment of the electoral result. There has been talk of the “debacle” behind the 24.1%, summarized in a loss of almost 9% of the votes compared to 2017, the loss of the most voted party place for the first time in 20 years and the consolidation of the extreme right of Alternative for Germany (AfD) as the most voted party in much of the territory of the eastern Bundesländer.

In view of these bad data and asking for time to assimilate the new situation, the directive has commissioned Laschet not to rush into his public statements, without first counting on the party. In addition, a dispute has taken place on various charges. Laschet was counting on presiding over the parliamentary group, which forces Brinkahus to be displaced, who has not received the news with pleasure.

After this rape, Laschet has relativized his intention to lead a coalition and has clarified before the party presidency that his statements last night, stating that he would seek a new government alliance, were an “invitation”, not a “claim.”

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