Wednesday, March 22

The “ghost braking” puts Tesla in trouble | Digital Trends Spanish

Tesla is part of a new investigation by US auto safety regulators, this time into multiple allegations that the company’s vehicles stop on the roads for no apparent reason.

The US authorities say they have 354 complaints from vehicle owners related to “phantom braking”, which would affect Tesla Models Y and 3. The study covers about 416,000 cars from 2021 and 2022.

Documents released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration note that vehicles can brake unexpectedly at highway speeds.

Complainants report that rapid deceleration can occur without warning, and often repeatedly during a single driving cycle.

It is not something minor. In fact, many of the complainants indicated that they were afraid of being rear-ended by other vehicles after this issue was reported.

According to a Tesla owner:

“Ghost braking ranges from minor throttle response to slow down to full emergency braking that dramatically slows down at a rapid rate, resulting in unsafe driving conditions for my vehicle’s occupants as well as those that they might be following behind me.”

Elon Musk’s company is not going through a good time, in fact, this is the fourth formal investigation that has been carried out on the vehicle manufacturer in the last three years.

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